On the road again…

Sitting at the airport, just thinking about the relationship I have with traveling. I absolutely love sitting around crowds of people, not having to talk with anybody, yet listening in on everyone’s conversation. Thinking about wether I agree or disagree with what they are saying, or thinking about if we could be friends. I just now heard somebody talking about Marie Kondo, and it just reminded me how even poorly produced TV can be successful if you have a love able character. I digress. When I’m alone in the airport, I don’t have to impress anybody, I don’t have to be nice, I don’t have to put on a smile. I of course often am nice, and smile with people. But sometimes, I simply feel like being an ass hole.

When I arrive, I love sitting alone in my hotel room, watching TV until way later than I should. Then being so tired the next day that I must always have a coffee in my hand.

What’s interesting however, is that as much as I love traveling, I could also loathe if it became a daily part of my work. Being away from my wife (and future child). Away from home. Away from friends.

This post has nothing to do with video production or film, and I’m not sure what inspired me to write it. Perhaps the tasty beer I’m drinking right now. #businessmeals

Andy – Owner.

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