Starting our Video Production Company in Lincoln

This morning I was feeling a little nostalgic. Having just brought our video production company back to Lincoln Nebraska, we’ve been feeling a little down. Not because of the city, but because of the weather. It’s been pretty much non-stop ice and snow since we’ve arrived. And while Lincoln doesn’t have mountains, and great weather, it has something that most places don’t have. And that’s opportunity.

Okay, you might be thinking, well Denver is bigger, doesn’t it have MORE opportunity. Technically, yes. But having lived and work in both areas, I assure you, the opportunity that Lincoln presents is more attainable. It will get you further faster because the people here look out for each other. They want to work with each other (for the most part). Just because your new and the little guy, doesn’t mean businesses won’t want to work with you, it instead usually means they want to give you the chance.

Regardless, this ADDY awards video was really one of my first opportunities to show advertising agencies what I could do. It won a silver the year after! I will say though, that while it gave me a great portfolio piece early on, it didn’t exactly bring us more work with Ad Agencies.


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