Make Mood Boards

There is a time and place for a lot of things when you’re on set. Storyboards are great! But often times they are a luxury to a production set. Not every small business has the knowledge to make them, or the time.

For us, we like to use mood boards. Like story boards, but rather images and shots that we find online that give us direction and feeling. Something we can turn to when we’ve lost motivation or creativity. This way we also aren’t bound by getting that exact shot on the story board. Rather something close, that we can adjust and change in the moment.

If you’re a small production company, we’d suggest a mood board vs a story board. Will save you a lot of time for those low budget projects that still need some direction.

The impact.

Since the making of “Lincoln, We Chose It”, we have seen branding pop up around from it. Shirts and hats that say, Lincoln, We Chose It. Various places making reference to it. It’s been awesome to see it all. Here is a photo of a wall in the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce office that has the entire script from the spot. Thanks Lincoln for the support.

Lincoln Nebraska Video Production.jpg

Starting our Video Production Company in Lincoln

This morning I was feeling a little nostalgic. Having just brought our video production company back to Lincoln Nebraska, we’ve been feeling a little down. Not because of the city, but because of the weather. It’s been pretty much non-stop ice and snow since we’ve arrived. And while Lincoln doesn’t have mountains, and great weather, it has something that most places don’t have. And that’s opportunity.

Okay, you might be thinking, well Denver is bigger, doesn’t it have MORE opportunity. Technically, yes. But having lived and work in both areas, I assure you, the opportunity that Lincoln presents is more attainable. It will get you further faster because the people here look out for each other. They want to work with each other (for the most part). Just because your new and the little guy, doesn’t mean businesses won’t want to work with you, it instead usually means they want to give you the chance.

Regardless, this ADDY awards video was really one of my first opportunities to show advertising agencies what I could do. It won a silver the year after! I will say though, that while it gave me a great portfolio piece early on, it didn’t exactly bring us more work with Ad Agencies.


The power of story

Time and time again we see organizations baulk at the idea of simply telling a story. They ask, but what about us? Where are all the details about us? How will people know what we offer? To which time and time again we respond, they don’t need to know about you… At first. First, you have to capture their attention.

We came across this amazing film by Khalid Mohtaseb. It isn’t tagged with any kind of sponsor, though it very well could be. But it captures you. It tells you a story of somebody you know, or perhaps somebody you will know one day. Watch it, then try and say stories aren’t the most powerful thing. Confession. I cried.

Lincoln, We’re back!

What goes around comes around, and CueMotion has finally come full circle. We started in Lincoln over 10 years ago, moved to Denver, learned some things, and now we’re back. It’s a bit harder to return than expected. Not because we don’t have work. In reality, our work never really left Lincoln. We were always traveling back to shoot. It was hard because I love the mountains. They give me energy, purpose, and clarity. But just as Colorado has something great Lincoln doesn’t, so too Lincoln has something great that Denver doesn’t. And that’s a kick ass group of people that work together to support each other no matter what. Yep. It’s a community of awesome. And THATS why we’ve returned. Well that and a new born, family, and cheaper mortgage.


20 Liters Premier Tonight at 7pm Central

We are excited to premier 20 Liters live tonight at 7pm. It’s been a long journey to finally release this, but not nearly as long of a Journey that these women have finding water every day. Thank you to everyone that supported us, and made this possible.